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Data Sharing Information


All General Practices in England share some information about the care that patients receive. This information is shared on a secure system.  How the information is used and shared is controlled by law. Strict rules are in place to protect your privacy.


The information which is shared is used to plan and improve services for all patients. The information which is taken from the computer system at our surgery is linked to other places where you may be receiving care, such as the hospital and community services. Information such as your postcode and NHS Number, but not your name, will be used to link your records in the secure system, so your identity is protected.


Sharing information can help improve the understanding of the most important health needs and the quality of care provided by local health services. It may also help researchers to identify patterns in diseases and responses to different treatments.


You have the right to prevent confidential information about you from being shared or used for any purpose other than providing your care. If you do not want information that identifies you to be shared with other organisations, please ask any member of the Reception Team to make a note of this on your medical records. This will prevent your confidential information being used other than where necessary by law (e.g. if there is a public health emergency). If you are happy for your information to be shared you do not need to do anything.


For more information, including a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) please go to the website at www.nhs.uk/caredata or www.hscic.gov.uk 

National Opt-Out Programme


You can choose whether your confidential patient information is used for research and planning. 


For more information, go to: www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters


Go to our 'Sharing Your Information' page on this website to view the poster and leaflet for further details.

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